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A.     Youth Ministry Purpose Statement

Westgate Alliance Church’s Youth Ministry’s purpose is to see youth (grades 7-12) know about Christ, own their walk with Christ, and make Christ known through excellent events and encouraging discipleship that is centered on the Word of God and enables them to do the same for others in a culturally acceptable way so that the body of Christ may be edified.

We use this purpose statement to help us as we plan events, reflect on activities, and implement ministries. This statement is why we do what we do. This statement helps us to continue in the direction we believe God has given us.

B.     Youth Ministry Core Values

 Producing spiritually mature youth that are fulfilling the Great Commission

Providing corporate settings and equipping youth personally to declare God’s worth in every aspect of a believer’s life which is the true foundation for missions

Proclaiming that the Bible, God’s Word, is inerrant and infallible on all matters of life and spirituality and saturating youth in it

Preparing youth to reach out to our local community and the world in love, following Christ’s example, for the advancement of the Kingdom of God

C.     How the Purpose Statement and Core Values are Accomplished

1.      Equipment

Our youth Connecting Point, called Equipment, recognizes that as our students continue to grow, there is a pressing need for them to be able to “feed” themselves from God’s Word and not just listen to more of Rylan’s teaching. Therefore, Equipment will strategically and practically teach the students the inductive Bible study method based on Kay Arthur’s Inductive Bible Studying method and using the Quizzing material as a guide. As the students are lead through the Scriptures, they will learn how to study God’s Word for themselves with depth and passion. This will be a huge benefit and asset as they graduate from the youth ministry and embark on their next phase of life. This fits into our purpose of getting students to know about Christ, own their walk with Christ and make Christ known by giving them hands on opportunities to dig into Scripture for themselves and wrestle with what God’s Word says in a holistic way. Since we will be studying the Quizzing material, this will help to reinforce and apply what the students are memorizing for Bible Quizzing and give them confidence to share what they are learning with their peers. Students will also be challenged to daily spend time reading through that week’s Scripture passages and asking questions of the text for further insight and application. Parents will be encouraged to read that week’s Scripture passages to talk with their student(s) about what they are learning from God’s Word and guiding them in how to apply it. To know more of Kay Arthur’s Inductive Bible Studying method go to or read The New How to Study Your Bible: Discover the Life-Changing Approach to God’s Word by Kay Arthur, David Arthur, and Pete De Lacy.

2.      Bible Quizzing

Bible Quizzing is a fun way to get students into the Word of God and the Word of God into students. As students memorize God’s Word they will know more about Christ, increase ownership of their walk with Christ, and produce a heart that is being transformed by the Word, which will naturally result in making Christ known to those around them. Bible Quizzing was developed, and is run, by Life Impact Ministries/CMA to assist youth to connect with God in a deeper way by experiencing Him and expanding His Kingdom. Our mission is to see visible evidence of the application of God’s Word in the lifestyle of each participant. We will accomplish this mission by 1) providing youth with an opportunity to be involved in the systematic study and application of God’s Word; 2) building character, instilling self-discipline, and encouraging prayer and unity; and 3) equipping youth with the capacity to serve in other areas of ministry.

Bible Quizzing practice will take place on Wednesday nights throughout the Quizzing season with five weekend Quiz meets where the students will compete against other Quiz teams with the possibility of attending an International Quiz meet. All quizzers must be 12-18 years of age and in grades 7 to 12. Each team must have a coach and a captain. A Quiz team consists of no more than five students and no fewer than three. We start with only fifteen questions in a Quiz and then move to twenty questions in a Quiz once we enter the District Meets, covering the specified material for that specific year. For more information on Quizzing, go to

3.      Momentum

Momentum is a Friday night ministry for Westgate’s students to use in evangelism/discipleship with their peers. It is arranged to include fun events and a clear evangelistic message. It is Rylan's strong belief that his job is not to evangelize students. His job is to equip his students to evangelize and disciple their peers (see Ephesians 4:11-12). The messages will reinforce the Quizzing material covered and provide an easy follow-up for our students to connect with their peers to talk about the gospel. The night will be a once a month event, done with excellence, to encourage participation and greater invitation by our students to their peers that they are strategically targeting for evangelism and discipleship. Momentum is for our students to practically make Christ known to their peers, increasing the ownership of their faith and challenging them to know more of Christ.

4.      Parents

Our youth ministry is in NO way a replacement for the spiritual nurturing and development of the students. We understand that God has given that charge to parents; however, we understand that this can be a difficult and turbulent season. Our youth ministry recognizes parents as the God ordained vehicle to “train up a child in the way he should go so that when he is old he will not depart from it.” Therefore, we want to come alongside of the parent to assist in their child’s spiritual development. The best way we can do this is by communicating to the parents the material covered, with at-home discussion questions for the parent and student to engage in. We will also provide monthly calendars of what is happening in the youth ministry to keep the parents up-to-date with what their students are learning and doing. We will also host a yearly Bible Quizzing Kick-Off to inform parents of what is happening in the youth ministry and allow opportunities for questions.


Youth Ministry is directed by

Rylan Friesen

Westgate Alliance Church's Youth Ministry's purpose is to see youth (grades 7-12) know about Christ, own their walk with Christ, and make Christ known through fun events and encouraging discipleship that is centered on the Word of God, and enables them to do the same for others in a culturally acceptable way so that the Body of Christ may be edified.